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Medical practice managers and owners have a duty of care to ensure that equipment used in the practice is safe and working correctly. A regular program of testing carried out according to relevant Australian standards will help to optimize the safety and effectiveness of diagnostic, therapeutic and supporting equipment.

BCS Testing conducts performance testing of Medical Devices in rural and regional Australia . We maintain a dedicated mobile test facility equipped to carry out testing of medical devices to Australian Standard AS3551 and safety testing and tagging of other devices to AS3760 as required by state workcover legislation.

Minor repairs and calibration can be carried out on-site. In the event that more extensive repairs are needed we can arrange prompt service through our fully equipped workshop.

We provide printed reports that are suitable for quality certification, audit and insurance purposes.

Testing is carried out by appointment. Call us today to book into our 2008 testing program.


Common devices used in medical 
practices that require testing  to AS3551

Common devices used in physiotherapy 
practices that require testing  to AS3551

Common Appliances 
that require testing  to AS3760 


Interferential Devices

Microwave Ovens


Suction Units

Electric Jugs

Suction Pump

Hot Pack Units

Portable lamps




Hyfrecator/ diathermy

Ultrasound units

Portable heaters

Electric Beds

Laser Units

Extension cords

Foetal Monitors

Intermittent Pressure Pump

Portable core balance earthleakage  units


Magnetic Therapy Units

Portable electric hand tools


Cast Saws


Examination Lamp

TENS Units


Pulse Oximeter

Shortwave Units


Cautery Unit

Microwave Units



Paraffin Baths


Infusion Pumps

Traction Units





Cast Saw

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For more information about our services, contact us by phone on (04) 3885 9257 or by email to